The Failing Farmer: A Lesson in Urban Farming


Well, here we find ourselves again. This blog will be taking a bit of a different turn from the original intent. But as I find myself here at the end of August floundering in several aspects now, I figured the best use of the blog would be to offer some suggestions on what has and has not worked for my farm as far as applying urban farming techniques to my mid-sized rural farm.

There are some good content providers out there right now for smaller scale urban farming and agriculture, but as I tried applying some principles on my half acre one-plot farm in a semi-rural community, I really had some problems. I’ve lost crops, had bad germination, been inconsistent with quantity, battled weeds like I could not have imagined, had the well pump fail, eaten some of the most bitter greens of my life, and thrown down my tools and walked off the site in utter frustration.

Saying this farming thing is tough is an understatement. It’s mentally, emotionally, and physically challenging. I appreciate being able to farm part time and still get enough income from my “day job,” but working 8 hours in an office only to come home and know that I have another 4-6 hours of physically demanding work can be really disheartening on some days. But I have had some good times. I have also learned A TON, made relationships with very excited chefs, sold some product, and am gearing up for what I think will be a very successful fall season.

These first few blogs will detail some of my larger setbacks and why they failed. Then I’ll hopefully get into a routine of regular discussions of current activities and what is/isn’t working. The main intent of this blog will now be to help show urban farming techniques for farmers out there with a little more land than the average urban farmer on a single plot.

Until next time,

The Failing Farmer


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