Our Maker

The History

Historic Foods was founded at the start of 2015 with a focus on growing strictly heirloom fruits and vegetables. The farm hopes to increase the diversity within the local produce supply of San Diego and deliberately chooses rare, elegant, and explosively flavorful items. These are not the usual varieties you will find even at farmer’s markets.


The farm is owned and operated by Mark (oh, that’s me). I’m nothing short of an out-of-control food and wine enthusiast. I am not a formally trained farmer. In fact, I’ve got a master’s degree and have worked as a software engineer for the past several years. But, things are changing.

I entered the agriculture world through my love of food. I love to cook and create new dishes, and I love getting my hands on interesting ingredients and flavors that we don’t see very often. I became tired of the same ingredients being available and a lack of choice the varieties available. I hope to be able to bring unique but approachable produce offerings for the local chefs and residents of San Diego. While not on the farm, you can find me flying on the trapeze, making wine, or learning a new career for fun.