On the Move

Well, things are coming along and the farm is advancing even faster than I thought. We are excited to announce that we will be offering a herdshare program starting late March or early April. Stay tuned for more information about it.

On the planting front, several beds seeds in them. Just finished planting 120 varieties of various heirloom tomatoes and we’ve still got another 90 varieites to go!┬áBut this isn’t just a tomato farm. We’ve already got quite a few different veggies and varieties in the ground so far. With some luck, our first harvest of radishes will be a few weeks away. A few of the varieties that we have planted are quite rare and seeds are very limited, so the first round will be mostly dedicated to some seed saving.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be posting more information about the specific varieties that we are growing. To wet the appetite, check out the Malaga Radish from Poland. Can’t wait to get seeds from these so we can plant out a lot more! These would be showstopping in a salad or carved into a rose.

Malaga Radish

Malaga Radish


In other news, the Permaculture Voices conference is this week. Really looking forward to talking with some great speakers and hopefully getting to meet some of you. If you’re there, look for the tall lanky guy that┬áprobably looks lost.


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